Early 2008 mac pro hard drive

An essential preliminary step was to buy an SSD. A key component of this purchase is to decide how large an SSD to buy. All other things being equal, larger is better. If you get a drive large enough to hold all the data currently on your startup drive, the transition should be quite simple — no different than transferring data from one mechanical hard drive to another.

Unfortunately, all other things are not likely to be equal. No way was I going to spend that much for a drive upgrade. There are a couple of solutions to this dilemma. My Home directory and the rest of my content would remain on my current drive. I needed to make one more decision before ordering my drive.


OWC offers several solutions for this. After the SSD and sled arrived, it was relatively simple to install them. I then slid the tray into the empty bay. I started up the Mac Pro and was greeted with a message stating that the newly recognized SSD needed to be initialized.

Using the Partition section of Disk Utility, I did so. I was now good to go. It did not work well.

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I eventually wound up with a Home directory that would no longer function as an admin account. I copied over the shell of my Home directory within Users. This was one of those instances where my general knowledge of how Mac OS X worked allowed me to sidestep a problem. I had now arrived at the first real test of my efforts. Would the Mac Pro boot successfully? I was far from done with my work for the day.

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At the moment, the SSD was using the empty shell as a Home directory. To do this, you need to go to Accounts System Preferences, unlock the pane if needed and control-click on your account name. From the contextual menu, select Advanced Options. Here is where it paid off for me to have already created an empty shell account with the same name.

15-inch MacBook Pro Late 2008 Hard Drive/SSD Installation Video

From the sheet that dropped down, I clicked the Choose button to the right of the Home directory listing. Once again, I restarted. Success again! The SSD was the boot drive but it was correctly logging me into my old Home directory on my old startup drive. There was one more thing I needed to do before finishing up my initial setup: You must let the computer cool down before continuing.

Touch the metal PCI access covers on the back of the computer to discharge any static electricity from your body. The edges of the access panel and the enclosure can be sharp. Be very careful when handling them.


Mac Pro First Generation Hard drives and hard drive carriers (Early 2008)

Replacement Note: Make sure the latch is in the up position before replacing the access panel. If the latch is down, the access panel will not seat correctly in the enclosure. Before you begin, open the computer, and lay it on its side with the access side facing up.

OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G

Make sure the latch on the back panel is in the up position. When the latch is down, the hard drives and carriers are locked in place and you will not be able to remove them. Make sure the latch on the back panel is up, so that the drives and carriers are unlocked. If you are replacing the hard drive with a new drive, remove the four screws that mount the 3. Hold the drive by its sides. Be careful not to touch the printed circuit board on the bottom of the drive.

Slide the carrier and drive over the guides and into the drive bay, until you feel the drive snap into place. I did not complete this guide.

Pimp Your Old Mac Pro With a Fusion Drive: 3 Steps

Success - I just wanted to remove the hard drive because my poor old Mac Pro has more problems than I can deal with. I wish the solution were as simple as replacing the hard drive, but at least I have that to reuse if I wish. Select a Language: Help Translate iFixit. Joshua Byrne and one other contributor. The hatter The hatter. People need to learn to disregard Apple's way of specifying, out of date, and take with a grain of salt. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post.

The later model accepts 2tb per bay. There is no such limitation. I have some land to sell you too. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: And it only tests with currently-shipping products. So if 2TB drives become available when your Mac is no longer currently shipping, according to Apple, they are "not supported". That was the only model shipping when those DIMMs first became available.

Martin Pace Martin Pace. And not since. I have seen that Windows can have trouble booting from a volume that is larger than 1.