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Sam Top Contributor: But the closest you're going to get. This is not an exact dupe for the Mac , but it's the closest and, amazingly, cheapest one you're going to find yes, even including sigma. In fiber, shape, and color, the brush ends are nearly identical. Their both white, natural fiber bristles with the same shape and close to the same dimensions. Their are still some key differences though which are not so obvious to the naked eye but do have an effect on performance. The obvious: The handle is also wider and yet shorter than the Cornell.

MAC brush dupe for the 252 eyeshadow brush for 3 dollars!!

These differences though are purely aesthetic in my opinion. Differences that matter though given the price difference, they might not matter so much: At the base where the bristles meet the ferrule the mac is thicker, providing more densely packed fibers than the Cornell. This helps it's pick up more color. I have truly resisted purchasing a mac brush for nearly 15 years because of price and a firm belief that paint brushes deliver for a fraction of the cost in terms of liner and angle brushes, this is absolutely true.

But I finally decided I'd spend the money and compare them, knowing that I could return the mac if it didn't perform any better It really does. When trying to pack on color into the corner of the eye and on the lid, the mac brush does it better and in less time. The Cornell takes a few more passes and still just couldn't achieve the saturation of color I got with the mac.

But if I take mac out of the equation, this is an incredible eyeshadow brush that funnily enough isn't marketed as such. Top critical review. This brush is life! Perfect dupe for the Mac Took away 2 stars because it's 3 times the regular price. Sort by.


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Dupes for MAC Brushes!

Please try again later. Showing of 27 reviews. When turned horizontally this snugly fits into the crease to create a defined but blended contour. Plus, when traveling you could really just take this brush since it really can cover all of your bases. If you have very little lid space, then this brush may be too big for you. Get a true feel for it at a MAC store just to be sure if it works for you.

I love to use art brushes for makeup.

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Why not? My face is my canvas and these brushes are soft enough to use. Plus, art brushes are durable and a fraction of the price of makeup brushes. This particular brush is great for covering the entire lid area.

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It is a soft, dense, flat shader brush. You can use this to pat on color onto the lid, you can do subtle blending around the edges of the shadow. You could also use this for highlighting. I use this every so often. I like it, but it isn't necessarily a must. However, the handle states that it is the AMM mini mop. I got this brush when I was looking for a MAC dupe. However, the AMM brush is smaller, less dense, and softer. Even though it isn't a good dupe, I still really enjoy this brush for all-over lid application, like a wash, and sometimes I use this for a very subtle crease.

The blending capabilities kind of reminds me of the Sonia Kashuk blender brush, which is similar to the MAC , from what I have heard. The Face Secrets brand can be found at Sally's and the brand has gotten a face lift. My brush has a wooden handle, but now they have black handles. This brush is wide, dense, and it has short hairs.

The brush is intended for blending, but I think it is too wide and dense. I feel like this brush could muddy up the shades when blending. I like this for patting on highly pigmented shades and for more controlled application of shadows. Not a must have, just a fun to have. Generic Large Shadow brush I think from Walmart, natural --Again, another wonderful cheap brush that I got a very long time ago.

I include this one to prove that you don't need a name brand, expensive brush. I use this for all over washes, and it is in heavy rotation. The brush has the right amount of width and length to fit nicely on my lid. I can't even remember how much this brush was, but I do remember it being cheap. Professional eye shadow brush natural --Another wonderful all-over shadow brush. This is like 5 but the hairs are a little shorter, as is the handle.

Also, the end of the brush is a little more rounded. Another brush that is used heavily you can't have enough of these type of brushes when working with several colors. You really can't go wrong. Face Secrets eye contour natural --Stellar brush for the lid. I love this brush because it is wide enough to deposit a wash of color in one swish, and the pointed end easily goes into the inner corner of my eye without depositing color about the inner corner. In other words, this is like those corner vacuum cleaners that hit the hard to reach spaces. I have also used it for contouring, but it isn't my favorite for that.

Here is an example of using the brush for something it wasn't really meant for. I got this brush in high school, and it has held up excellently. Really good for packing on the color. I use this a lot when I am going for dramatic color. This brush is part of a travel kit, and I definitely love to use it when on travel or just at home. I like this for blending the edges out, but it also works for washes, and it fits nicely into the crease for crease work.

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I also like to use this to get color inside the inner corner. Use with liquid or cream products. A medium-sized synthetic brush with pencil-fine tip. Use with powder, liquid or cream products. Firmly bristled, flat of shape; applies colour in a stroke to provide instant definition. Use with powder, liquid or cream http: This brush has a thick bundle of fibers arranged in a rounded shape. This brush has fine, densely packed fibers that are arranged in an oval shape. The soft, smooth fibers of this brush are gathered into a pencil-shaped tip. It is ideal for blending eyeliner into eye shadow to create a smoky looking eye The soft fibers of this brush taper to form a full dome shape.

It gently deposits a light application of powder products. Of soft natural fibre, this brush is versatile in function and can be used on either the face or eye. Use for applying, blending or highlighting any powder-based products. This brush has fibers which are slightly round-tipped and firm. Flat-tipped, a paddle- shaped brush that lets you fuse and move around colours with pro-style.

Suitable for powder or cream products. Synthetic fibres. Paddle shaped, with a flat rounded tip. Flat shaped with angled tip. Firmly distributes colour over the lid and into the corners. Synthetic fibre. Works with all formulas of eye colour. This brush has fibers which are carefully arranged to form a perfect angle. Medium firm. Delivers colour to the lid: Medium firm paddle shaped brush with fluffed angled tip. Best for powder eye shadows http: I swear to God I cannot find these anywhere.

Maybe it is just the Michaels here in Houston? Also, the ones I find that are decent have incredibly long handles. I don't have the patience to saw them off. Do you find that the dupe holds the shadow and blends as wells as MAC's? Originally Posted by rbella http: If I made a mistake in the Mac equivalent please let me know: Hey guys, I don;t know if this is the right thread to post this, if not mod please move my post to the right thread.

Thank you.

Happy face, Happy wallet: Finally, the brushes get attention

I received MAC on the mail, I bought it off ebay and the numbers are so huge, am just wondering if it's authentic. Please advice!

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  5. Just a visit to the craft store satisfies my brush needs! It saves a lot of money so you can blow the rest on cosmetics. They even have the fan brush and also an eyeliner brush with very slender bristles.