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Business card composer includes design templates, extra fonts and a library of 24, images. You are able to adjust colors, add special effects and create gradient color fillings to make a custom business card design. A writer from Chicago, K.

How to Make Business Cards on a Mac Computer

Winslow has been publishing articles relating to health, beauty, travel, crafts, education, Macintosh computers and technology since She holds a Master of Arts degree in writing from the University of Melbourne, Australia, where she lived for several years. References Entrepreneur: Resources Apple: Templates Exchange Microsoft: Instead of paying money to someone to create you a professional business card, why not create your business card template using Pages on Mac.

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Once you have created your business card, you can use your own printer or upload it to the Internet and use an inexpensive printing website to get your professional business cards. Which ever way you decide to go, on Apple you can create Pages business card template instead of hiring someone to create a business card template for you.

Select the content in each section of the template and delete all the stuff inside of quick business card. You could even add a small image at this point if you wanted.

Pages for Mac: Print envelopes, labels, and business cards in Pages

All up to you. I've included a screenshot to show you how it should look. Place the cardstock in the printer, blank side down.

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  • Once the cards start printing out, make sure to pull them aside and separate them. The ink tends to smudge otherwise.


    Let them dry for a few minutes, and then you can move on to cutting! Then, starting at with the bottom card, cut the cards 2 inches tall one at a time.

    How to Create a Business Card in Pages for Mac (2014)

    Keep this up and pretty soon you'll have a stack of amazing business cards! This is the corner rounder I use. Highly recommended! Thank you, this was very helpful. I love finding ways to do these things on my own- I appreciate the help! Here's a tip when cutting: When you make your vertical cuts, don't cut completely to the outside edge of the stock.

    Business Card Templates [Mac Pages / Numbers]

    Then, when you turn it to do your horizontal cuts, you still have the guidelines to show where the ruler should go. When finished, you will have three cards and a frame you cut away which will go in the recycle bin. Well done! I LOVE this idea!

    How to design and print your own business card using Pages

    And I could buy the cardstock really cheap at Joann - they always have deals and coupons.