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Don't think Feral will answer here, but they are responding in their stickied thread short while ago - maybe post in there as well? Last edited by Gigantus ; 26 Oct, 4: Inardesco View Profile View Posts. Basil View Profile View Posts. Where does one find this beta access code? Actually, the latest version of the game seems to work fine on IDK why Feral did this. Last edited by sudo ; 31 Oct, 4: Satoru View Profile View Posts.

I tried the beta and it doesn't work.

Medieval II: Total War Collection (Mac)

But you know The update isnt the issue, but your pc's are. Not me, all issues started with update so update is the issue.

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Per page: Date Posted: Start a New Discussion. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. The numerous campaign options, the maps for every campaign are beautifully designed and the battles could not be more epic, granted I do wish some of the battle mechanics as far as unit engagement, would be upgraded where one member of a unit engaging stops the charge.

But all in all, I bought it again after 5 years and I still love it. Love this game so much. The tactics set it apart from other games like Age of Empires, etc. Battles are intense. You need to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of your units, while doing the same for the enemy. A key element to fighting is the morale of your men. In this game, you must focus on your military might, diplomacy, trade, and your interactions with the Pope, which makes this game multidimensional.

Lots of scenarios to do if you get the expansion pack as well. Altogether, I highly recommend this game. I purchased this game a few months ago and after a while I had to delete it on my computer to make room for another application. This problem has been seen by others before. Thanks for your purchase of Medieval II: Total War Collection.

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You will not have to purchase the game again. Please ensure that you are signed into your iTunes account and view the Purchased list in the Mac App Store. You should see the game listed there with an Install button next to it. Owners of strong traits earn epithets, such as "the Brave," "the Just," "the Lewd" or "the Corrupt. A very important aspect of generals is their loyalty. If a general is disloyal, he may rebel, becoming a member of the 'Rebels' faction and taking a part of the army at his command with him. The faction leader has an 'authority' rating instead of loyalty.

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Higher authority makes disloyal generals less likely to rebel. Captains are leaders of armies that do not have a family member controlling them. They don't have any special attributes or retinue, but if killed in battle troop morale decreases, increasing the chance that the army will rout.

If killed or assassinated, a new captain will instantly appear and take command of the army in question.

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If a captain is victorious in a particularly one-sided battle or has shown excellent leadership, he may become 'Man of the Hour', and comes with an option to adopt him into the Royal Family. If adopted, he turns into a general and may gain attributes and retinue. If declined, he continues to be a generic captain. An army left with only a captain may rebel and join the rebel faction. Each faction has a number of agents it may use to maintain order and influence other factions.

The types of agent available are Priests and Imams, princesses , diplomats , merchants , assassins and spies. Priests and Imams will steadily convert a province to their faction's religion, causing or reducing religious unrest, and can denounce dangerous heretics and witches. Princesses and diplomats are able to negotiate with other factions, and princesses can attempt to marry a rival family member to gain his allegiance.

Merchants can be stationed on resources on the map to generate income and can attempt to eliminate rival merchants through a takeover. Assassins can kill off characters, and sabotage buildings belonging to rival factions. Spies can infiltrate rival settlements and provide information about their buildings and garrisons. Each agent has attributes that develop the more he is able to successfully be used. Princesses, for example, have a "Charm" attribute that governs their success in diplomacy and the likelihood that a proposal in marriage will be accepted.

Spies and Assassins have a "Subterfuge" attribute which governs how likely they are to infiltrate enemy cities or find information about enemy armies. All agents except princesses are trained at settlements which contain the appropriate buildings - for example, Christian priests can be trained in any settlement with a church or chapel.

Princesses are born into the player's ruling family and become active as agents once they come of age at Diplomacy functions much as in previous Total War games, mainly involving negotiating treaties such as ceasefires, alliances and marriages and wars. The interface for negotiation has changed from previous games, however; a new system has been integrated to show the other faction's attitude toward the player's faction, intelligence estimates such as how wealthy the faction is and what other factions they are at war with , as well as how fair the other faction feels the player's proposals are.

Inquisitors are controlled by The Papal States and are sent to a faction's lands if they have fallen out of favour with the Pope. They can accuse any agent, general, or even a faction's King of heresy, and if they are found guilty, they will be executed.

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  7. To get rid of Inquisitors, a faction can gain favour with the Pope by building churches, converting the population, and avoiding hostile actions against any of the more favourable Catholic factions. Factions can also attempt to assassinate Inquisitors. Medieval II is a turn-based game. There are twenty-two factions , of which seventeen are playable in the Campaign game, although only five are playable in the beginning: The other factions may be unlocked one at a time, as soon as the player has defeated that faction in the campaign by conquering all their settlements including occupied temporary forts or by killing off the entire royal family of that faction, regardless of whether the player wins the entire campaign or not.

    The unlockable factions may be unlocked all at once by winning the short or long campaign as one of the five initially available factions, and include Portugal , Scotland , the Moors , Egypt , the Turks , the Byzantine Empire , the Kingdom of Sicily , Duchy of Milan , Denmark , Novgorodian Russians , Poland , and Hungary. Each faction has at least one "trademark" unit, although they are not always limited to that specific faction e.

    One of these units from each faction is listed in the game as the faction's "special unit". The factions in the game represent, with varying accuracy, their real-life historical factions. The army unit types available to each faction are modelled to reflect their real-life histories, with each faction possessing unique characteristics that afford them certain strengths and weaknesses against other factions in combat.

    Medieval II: Total War Collection Finally Coming to Mac

    There are various simplifications in the game to make factions more identifiable. For example, Russia did not exist as a state at the time but was divided into Fiefdoms , Principalities and states, with Kievan Rus' and then the Republic of Novgorod chronologically being the most prominent states. Unified Spain didn't exist until the end of the game's timeline, but was divided into the kingdoms of Castille and Aragon , with the Spanish faction representing the former in the game.

    Portugal didn't become an actual kingdom until and King Afonso Henriques is born 30 years before he was historically known. Duchy of Milan didn't really include the city of Genoa. A number of other nations, kingdoms and empires are also nonexistent in the game, such as the Bulgarian Empire and Serbian Empire. One of the main focuses on the Total War franchise is its incorporation of battle within the greater sphere of gameplay.

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    A battle consists of two or more factions' armies fighting each other. Battles play similar to those in Rome: Total War , with formations of various kinds of troops fighting. The objective of the battle is to defeat the enemy army by completely destroying it or causing the whole army to flee; in a siege battle, the objective is to completely destroy the army or to take control of a plaza in the centre of the settlement.

    There is also an option which allows the player to allow for time limits on battles, meaning that the attacker must defeat the defender within a certain time limit determined by the computer or the battle results in a victory for the defender. Unlike in previous Total War titles, a new system of modelling troops on the battlefield has been introduced. Each soldier has a varying number of elements to him, such as arms, legs, body armour, shield heraldry, and so forth; each element has a varying number of styles.

    When a battle is entered, the computer randomly selects elements for each soldier in the unit, thereby making each soldier look different from the soldiers around him. This can lead to some errors; for example, a general's bodyguard of the Holy Roman Empire can be portrayed with a shield that has an English or Byzantine twist upon it.

    Upgrades to a unit's armour are also depicted - a unit of unarmored spearmen upgraded to have leather armour will be depicted wearing it.

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    Another departure from earlier Total War games is that combat is depicted more realistically, with soldiers performing motion-captured attacks - rather than one or two standard attacks - utilising their shields, parrying blows and delivering killing strikes to downed foes, all based on the weapon they are using and the weapon of their opponent. Blood can also be seen on the uniforms of soldiers who have been fighting and a mist of blood will be visible on soldiers hit by arrows. The amount of detail in the fight sequences can be turned up or down along with the other video options in the main menu.

    A player can also have up to huge units option troops in their army. Unlike in Rome: Total War , mercenary ships can also be hired. Special mercenaries are available during Crusades , such as Crusader knights and fighting monks. Each faction follows one of three official and organized religions: Catholicism , Orthodox Christianity , or Islam. Every province can have followers of each religion, as well as Pagans and Heretics. Religious unrest may occur if the most prominent religion of a province does not match the faction ruling it, leading to reduced public order.