How to turn on airplay on mac os x

I uninstalled McAfee and it automatically popped back on.


How to AirPlay only audio from your Mac

I thoroughly appreciate your time and suggestion! I am so happy! Thank you again! Also, any of the solutions listed in the comments, particularly if you have AirParrot installed or other sharing utility software , or any security software which can get in the way of connecting your Mac to your TV. This made the icon reappear briefly on startup, but after I click to connect, it says unable to connect and disappears again.

I have just purchased a new Apple TV and am still having the same issue which points to the iMac as the problem. Are there any other suggestions? Thanks for your time. Hi Keri, did you take a gander through the comments as well? This article has gotten a lot of attention! There are so many possible causes for your experience. That might explain why you were sometimes able to see the Apple TV and other times not. Hi I have a problem with my apple tv. I currently got the new one and I have a Macbook Pro.

The airplay sign shows up too and it used to work perfectly find, but then suddenly it stopped. Now whenever I connect it, it connects but only the volume transfers to the TV, the screen of the TV stays black. I have tried all the previous methods listed above.

Another way is to hold down the Option key on your keyboard, then click on the speaker icon in your menu bar. For either method you want to have audio set to the internal speakers. Then go back to the Airplay control and see if it works normally both video and audio are mirrored to the Apple TV when you turn it on. I have two apple TVs and one is working flawlessly, the other is giving me trouble.

My mac can connect to the one downstairs but not upstairs while it used to be able to but my phone can connect to the upstairs one fine. Any ideas? Then go upstairs and look at the network settings for the other Apple TV. Now take a look at the Wi-Fi setting on your iPhone: Both devices are on a hard wired network. AppleTv has full internet connectivity. All iphones and ipads can still connect with no problem.

Any advice? Because this is such a hot topic Tom, I follow a thread on Apple support: Some of the potential problems and solutions include:. For your account, choose the Login Items tab at the top, and go through the list. Sounds like 5 is the latest and best option — Apple engineers might have finally figured out and fixed the bug. I have never had problems before.

Turning on AirPlay on a MacBook

It is with my Macbook Pro When I clck the rectangle with the triangle in it, it says Airplay off and there is no option to turn it on. The very same thing when I go to preferences. I have no ability to check airplay on. Everything seems to be showing up correctly on the tv. Have checked firewall too. Have you gone through all the steps in this article and all the additional comments and solutions that folks have posted?

Have you also made sure that both your Macbook Pro and your Apple TV are fully updated to the latest versions? Click the lock icon, then enter an administrator name and password. Then click Firewall Options.

Turning on AirPlay on a MacBook | Synonym

For Apple Support, you can start at https: You can also make a Genius Bar appointment if you have an Apple Store close by. I have a problem that does not fit into any of the above narratives. He can not connect to his apple tv when logged in as him. On all of our macs, there is an admin account. When I login under the admin account the mac connects no problems.

Is there a setting that is corrupt? In order to connect does the user account have to be an administrator? Hi Rush, thanks for your comment! A standard user account should be able to use Apple TV just fine. If it can it should , then migrate all his user files and such to the new user account and delete the old one. Conflict due to 3rd party security software on the iMac. If you have any 3rd party security software installed, that could be blocking the connection. The way to test that is to either disable or uninstall the security software and see if you can see the iMac screen on the Apple TV.

Conflict due to 3rd party screen-sharing software on the iMac. Two such programs are AirParrot and Reflector, both of which take over screen-sharing from the standard MacOS controls. If you have a 3rd party screen-sharing app installed, you can try using that to share to the Apple TV. I am having issues with my Mac displaying on AppleTV. I can hear sound but cannot see my screen. I can hear sound from the TV but the screen is black.

Something is not allowing my computer screen to be on Apple TV. Your article helped me solve my problem. Thanks Chris! Oddly I got my figured out but my firewall was off and set to allow signed signed software, but the icon was not on the top of my screen where its been forever. So I turned the firewall on and it eventually updated when I locked the settings. I have used my Airplay many times before so was fairly annoyed it was no longer available.

So thank you for the help. If you look in apps on your FireTv you need to connect to it by turning on the Airplay app and setting it up. Im trying to connect my laptop for screen sharing to my year 1 apple tv. My dad is able to pick up the apple tv and connect to it but when u click the airplay button on the top of my screen it just says off. Ive double checked my settings and they are all correct and i am confused as to why it wont pick it up. Me and my dad both have mac book pros.

Hi Jac, thanks for the comment. Have you gone through all the steps listed in my article above, and have you looked through the comments for other things to try? I had airplay on my year-old macbook air until yesterday. Sometimes the error message shows up on the t. Am I missing anything obvious? Thank you. You have three possibilities:. Call Apple Tech Support: You can have them call you or remotely connect to your Mac to help solve problems. Call a trusted 3rd party on-site tech support person. DC area, I can help you, check out https: Be very wary of online tech support services particularly based overseas , there are a lot of scammers out there.

There are three pieces of equipment that are involved in your issue: Your Apple TV, your Mac, and your home router. Without having access to all three, it can be impossible to adequately diagnose the problem. And a note on that remote access: Reputable companies will only use well-regarded remote access software. Remote access tools are very powerful and can do just about anything to your computer, so be very careful who you let into your computer. I end up with audio in my bluetooth earphones, and screen back on my macbook.

I checked all the issues you mentioned above. Please help. Thank you very much. I think your best option is to contact Apple Support. Start here: At that point, you can start a text chat or phone call with an Apple support technician, or schedule a call for later. Be sure to tell them that your multi-device streaming was working fine before the upgrade to Sierra. This is why I recommend that most consumers wait a month or two before they upgrade to a new operating system version — so that early adopters can find and report the bugs and Apple has time to fix them — this helps consumers avoid the hassle of dealing with the inevitable bugs a new OS has right out of the gate.

Not to get too technical, but video streaming requires some fancy compression and encoding when sending from one screen to another, and that requires some serious graphics power. The Apple TV was designed around media display, so it can use streaming technology in limited ways to get the less-complicated music and photos from your iMac. Those sources would do the heavy lifting of compressing and encoding the video to stream to your Apple TV. It does work when I airplay via quicktime and youtube, and to al sound devices.

I never installed Airparrot btw. Hi Romano, thanks for your question. That person went through Apple Support and said this is what solved his problem:. Start at https: It may be that the technician will want to temporarily gain remote access to your computer to make any changes, which you should allow. You would only do this with Apple or a technical support firm you hire to help you.

The rest is up to Apple to support its hardware and software. Thank you Chris, It appeared my problem was unusual. I did contact Apple Support, we tried many things to fix it, in the end I needed to remove my keychains and restart. Perhaps something was changed in the new update because I was surprised that was what fixed the AirPlay problem.

Apple Support said they will pass the information on to the developers so that hopefully any bugs can be found and fixed in the next update though it could be just a local bug only on my computer , but this was the work around that worked for me. Thought I would share in case it helps someone else. Any idea? But no AirPlay icon or mirroring options in display preferences… Thanks.

Hi Syltrem, thanks for your comment. You can try unchecking that checkbox, restarting your Mac and then turning it back on to see if it will appear.

Hi thines, did you try turning off Airplay and then turning it back on again? A slow wi-fi network can often be the result of interference. You can often solve this problem by power-cycling your router turning it off, waiting about 30 seconds and then turning it back on, then restarting all your connected devices. Chris, I read through your article and none of the steps apply to my situation. I have a late macbook pro and a 3rd gen apple TV. I use to be able to see the airplay icon at the top of my screen but it is no longer there. The kicker is, the apple TV can be seen from my iphone, and I can use airplay on the macbook pro from itunes.

But i dont have the icon available to be used any other way. Being limited to only itunes is quite… limiting.

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Also, I was able to use it in the past. HI Toby, see my answer to Patricia. Think a doctor trying to give a diagnosis without seeing the patient. Fortunately for you, Apple provides tech support for their products without charge. Contact Apple Support at https: I know this thread is a bit old, but I found another option that was causing issues. It was actually caused by a firewall issue within McAfee. I went to the firewall page, selected the connection, then edited the type it defaults to public to home or work setting. After saving, the airplay icon showed up in the menu bar!

Hi Robert Ray, thanks for your comment! Yes, any security software can affect things like Airplay.

Using AirPlay Mirroring on a Mac to AppleTV

Glad you were able to solve the problem for your Dad. He turned off the power for about 10 minutes in order to do it. I came home when he was in the driveway and had the meter in hand. When he turned the power back on my air play icon is marked as off and I do not have the options in settings to turn it back on. Also my 2 laptops will no longer communicate with my printer, and my Chrome Cast no longer works … just to explain a bit more about my situation. Hi Betsey, I did a quick search and came across this news article with video: I will tell you that if as you say the power was turned off and then back on, there should be no impact to your electronic devices — unless there was a voltage surge or fluctuation.

Power surges and fluctuations can damage sensitive electronic equipment in various ways. Sometimes they just need to be turned off and back on, sometimes they need to be set up like you did when you first got them , and sometimes they may need to be replaced. You should start with your home Wi-fi network router, since that controls communications between all your devices.

If the router was scrambled, it might be fixed just by unplugging it for 30 seconds or so, then plugging it back in. Then check to see if your various devices can connect to the router and each other. If you made changes to the router name of your Wi-fi network, encryption type and key, etc.

For the Chromecast, you may need to contact Google Chromecast support folks at https: For the printer, you may need to go through the setup to connect it to your home network if the settings got scrambled.

Say Hello to AirPlay + Google Cast

As usual, you may have to invest a lot of time and endure lots of frustration to get what you should be entitled to. Hi Jim, if you are using most current version of TeamViewer and your Mac is running the latest version of MacOS, there should be no problem. Older versions of TeamViewer did have some problems with Airplay even when not running, but the folks at Teamviewer fixed this last year. My macbook air is the only computer that wont connect to my apple TV and its none of these 9 reasons, any idea?

Have you looked through the comments for ideas? How can I do this? Hi Pedro, thanks for your question. Have you gone through all the steps in the above article?

How to mirror iPhone display To MacBook iOS 12 & MacOS Mojave

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In some third-party apps, you might need to tap a different icon first. Choose your Apple TV. Need help? AirPlay video from your Mac On your Mac, open the app or website that you want to stream video from. In the video playback controls, click. Select your Apple TV. Swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen. On iPhone 8 or earlier or iOS 11 or earlier: Swipe up from the bottom edge of any screen. Select your Apple TV from the list.

Play and control music across multiple speakers simultaneously. Learn what to do if you can't stream content or mirror your device's screen with AirPlay. Published Date: Mon Dec 10 Yes No.